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Study Club Session “How to Grow your Practice Through Social Media” by Jack Hadley June 21st , 2018 

 Study Club Session “Modern Orthodontics” by Dr. Joseph Gray March 22 nd, 2018

 As always this course is complimentary to all our referring doctors and their staff members.  .  Two CE units will be earned at the end of the session.

Orthodontic practice is in a state of rapid change by market and technology disruptors.  Dr. Joseph Gray has continuously implemented and maintained cutting edge technologies and practice paradigms that makes sense the orthodontic patient.  The goal of the meeting is to describe the various 3D technologies available to patients that improve control and quality of treatment, while reducing discomfort, treatment time, and number of appointments required.

In addition to 3D Orthodontics, adjunctive therapies will be discussed, including surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy, hybrid treatment, “triple finishing”, and remote orthodontic therapy.  This presentation will include compelling case studies and interactive discussion.